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NEW: Unemployment Benefits and Your Rights as a Worker

Unemployment Benefits
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Your Rights as a Worker

Effective Date: January, 2018

Spokane Earned Sick Leave
The new notice applies when employees and/or their family members are sick, injured, need preventative health care, or need to address issues of domestic violence.
Effective Date: January 2017

Seattle Minimum Wage
The new rate is $15.00 an hour for Large Employers (501 or more employees) who don't contribute to employee medical benefits and $13.50 an hour if they do contribute. Small Employers (500 or less employees) must pay $13.00 an hour (if they do not pay at least $1.50 an hour toward employee medical benefits and/or the employee earns at least $1.50 an hour in tips) or $11.00 an hour (if they do).
Effective Date: January 2017

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