VA Poster Changes

Safety and Health
The new notice, based on recently enacted legislation, notes the requirement to report all "injuries or illnesses that result in an in-patient hospitalization, amputation, or loss of an eye" within 24 hours. Previously, these were listed as requiring reporting within 8 hours, whereas now only fatalities must be reported within 8 hours. This is a substantive change and an updated Virginia poster is required.
Effective Date: July 1, 2016.

Unemployment Insurance
The Virginia Unemployment Insurance poster has been updated to reflect a web address change when filing online. The website for making online claims was changed to Those who are totally unemployed must also first register for work at before applying for benefits. (Among the changes made to the Unemployment Insurance poster are the combining of the “totally unemployed” and “reduced hours” sections into one section.) This is a substantive change and a new, Virginia All–In-One poster is required.
Effective Date: April 2015

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