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Stay in compliance with the HRhero federal poster.

Many states are changing the minimum wage starting January 1, 2015. Be sure to stay in compliance by checking your state's poster today!


Stay in compliance with the very latest state and federal employment law developments with HRhero State and Federal Poster Kit.
Why should you choose HRhero as your source for your required federal and state workplace posters? With 130 nationally-acclaimed newsletters, videos, software, books, and directories -- HR Hero offers more resources to help you maintain a productive workplace.
The HRhero State Workplace Poster includes all the most recent required postings from your state, combined into one or two posters. This eliminates the need for numerous individual labor law posters. Clutter-free and easy to display, our state poster solutions are in complete legal compliance with state specifications.
Our HRhero Federal Poster closely monitors developments at the federal level to ensure you're in compliance -- and safe from labor law violations.
It features all six mandatory federal posting requirements on one poster:
* Revised EEOC (Mandatory)
* Minimum Wage/FLSA (Mandatory)
* USERRA (Mandatory)
* OSHA (Mandatory)
* FMLA (Mandatory)
* Employee Polygraph Protection Act (Mandatory)
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