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HR Audit Checklists

HR Audit Checklists

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Your Challenge: Find the legal pitfalls in your current HR policies and practices… before an aggressive attorney or a Labor Department investigator does!

BLR’s Solution: The step-by-step instruction manual that helps you review all your workplace procedures for potential lawsuits, fines, and other penalties, and make corrections fast.


You probably have dozens of HR policies and procedures covering everything from recruiting and hiring to termination and final paychecks. Problem is, new laws and regulations may have rendered many of them illegal – and you might never know. Covering over 160 policy areas, HR Audit Checklists leaves no stone unturned, showing you exactly where to look, what questions to ask, what decisions to make, and what changes to implement. All before someone else finds those problems for you.

HR Audit Checklists leads you through a series of straightforward questions about your current workplace practices. All you have to do is compare your answers to the provided plain-English analysis. Then, with a new understanding of the depth and scope of the problem, simply follow the instructions to “right the ship” and steer clear of legal dangers.

New Edition Helps You Maintain Compliance with the Latest Laws and Regs

Because key employment laws have recently undergone significant revisions, HR Audit Checklists has just been completely reviewed, revised, and reprinted to help you keep all your policies in compliance, with new guidance on:

  • HR Administration—posters, notices, handbooks, recordkeeping, HRIS, and more.
  • Hiring and Recruiting—background checks, immigration, interviewing, etc
  • Compensation—payroll, FLSA compliance, job descriptions, exempt workers, and more.
  • Benefits—healthcare benefits, COBRA, workers’ compensation, and retirement
  • Leave of Absence—FMLA, sick and personal leave, vacations, and military leave
  • Performance and Training—Appraisals, reviews, raise policies, training procedures, and more.
  • Discipline and Discharge— Don't risk discrimination and harassment claims
  • Workplace Technology—electronic monitoring and privacy
  • Health and Safety—OSHA, drug and alcohol testing, and workplace violence prevention
  • Unions, and Emerging Issues in HR—nontraditional work arrangements, social media, and employee wellness
  • And so much more!

Plus, because this HR tool was created by a team of experienced employment law attorneys and HR executives, you’ll get the right answers to ALL your self-audit questions, from the right source.