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Arizona State & Federal Workplace Posters

Arizona State & Federal Workplace Posters

Arizona State & Federal Poster Kit
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Arizona revised the UI Notice to advise employees to go to the website for both copies of the guide for UI claims (Previously Employers were required to distribute these forms ) and for filing claims.

Arizona's minimum wage changed to $7.90. Effective date: January 2014

Federal E-Verify/Right to Work: 09/17/13 - The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Special Counsel has released an updated Federal E-Verify/Right to Work poster that must be displayed by employers. This mandatory update clarifies that employers cannot reject documents because they have a future expiration date or terminate an employee because of E-Verify without giving the employee an opportunity to resolve the problem.

The Family and Medical Leave Act notice has been revised to reflect the changes caused by the recently approved rule. The definition of "Veteran" has been revised to include both those who serve and those discharged in the past 5 years (previously it was only those who served). The explicit definition of "Serious Injury or Illness" was removed as well, replaced by a notice that there are differences between the definition of "Serious Injury or Illness" for a service member or veteran, and "Serious Health Condition" under the FMLA. Effective Date: March 8, 2013.

Stay in compliance by ordering your HRhero State and Federal Poster Kit.

HRhero closely monitors developments at the state and federal level to ensure that our posters are always in compliance with the very latest legal requirements. Our two-poster set is all you need to keep your workplace in full compliance with both Arizona and federal law.

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Don't leave your poster compliance obligations to chance. From on-going updates to the Family and Medical Leave Act to the latest changes in Arizona employment law, you don't have time to track every new required posting development.

The Arizona All-Inclusive State and Federal Poster kit includes all the most recent Federal required postings plus:

  • Arizona poster including postings on:
    • Fair Employment
    • OSHA
    • Unemployment Insurance
    • Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids
    • Constructive Discharge
    • Minimum Wage

ALL covered businesses in the United States are required by law to display the most current federal and state labor law posters in all facilities where employees and applicants gather, such as in lunchrooms, Human Resources or near time clocks.

The Arizona Fair Employment poster has been updated to reflect an additional protected category under Arizona's Anti-Discrimination laws. The state also prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of results of genetic testing. This is a mandatory change.

Make sure you’re in compliance – with the all-inclusive HRhero Poster Kit .

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The HR hero Kit includes both your required state and federal posters.