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Michigan State & Federal Workplace Posters

Michigan State & Federal Workplace Posters

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All-in-One State and Federal Poster
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All-in-One State and Federal Poster - Spanish
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Michigan State Poster
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Michigan State Poster - Spanish
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Federal Poster Only - Spanish
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This poster has updates for 2018. Orders placed prior to 1/1/2018 will be held until the new poster is available.
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The NEW Minimum Wage Poster is ready to ship!

Minimum Wage
The Michigan Minimum Wage poster has been updated to reflect an increase in the state minimum wage. The minimum wage rate increased from $8.50 an hour to $8.90 an hour effective January 1, 2017.
Effective Date: January 1, 2017.

Mandatory Federal Poster Update!

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), aka Minimum Wage, notice has been revised based on upcoming changes to the rules. Among other minor revisions are three major revisions. First, the new notice advises that nursing mothers who are subject to the overtime requirements of the FLSA be provided reasonable break time to express breast milk and a place to do so, other than a bathroom, which is shielded from view and free from intrusion by coworkers or the public. Second, the enforcement provisions have been significantly revised explaining additional penalties for violations of the law. Third, the new notice addresses the misclassification of workers as "independent contractors" when they should be considered employees under the law.

The Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) notice has also been revised. There is a new QR Code and other cosmetic changes. Despite the lack of significance of these changes, the Department is deeming it a mandatory update.

This is a substantive change and an updated Federal V2.0 poster is required.

Effective date: July 2016


Other recent Michigan poster changes impacting your operations...

Fair Employment
The Michigan Fair Employment poster has been updated to reflect new language regarding individuals with disabilities. The revised posting added that individuals with disabilities needing accommodations for employment must notifiy their employers in writing within 182 dyas.
Effective Date: March 27, 2017

Unemployment Insurance
The Michigan Unemployment Insurance poster has been updated to reflect additional information when filing. The poster details claim eligibility requirements, expands on the claims procedures, and employer information requirements to claimants.
Effective Date: February 25, 2016

OSHA Poster Update
The Michigan OSHA poster has been updated to reflect the new OSHA employer reporting requirements for accidents and fatalities. An employer must report any work-related fatality within eight hours and any work-related in-patient hospitalizations, work-related amputations and any work-related loss of an eye within 24 hours. Non-substantive changes were also made to the phone numbers listed on the MIOSHA, SDS Location, and Right to Know notices. This is a substantive change and an updated Michigan poster is required.
Effective Date: September 10, 2015

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Mandatory Federal Poster Updates! Effective date: July, 2016

Don't leave your poster compliance obligations to chance. ALL covered businesses in the United States are required by law to display the most current federal and state labor law posters in all facilities where employees and applicants gather, such as in lunchrooms, Human Resources, or near time clocks.

Make sure you're in compliance with your All-in-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster.

Order today and relax. You can rely on HR Hero for current information when regulation changes are announced. We quickly revise your state's poster and make it available for you to purchase with the latest data. Information on these posters is continuously monitored and updated by legal experts to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

The All-in-One State and Federal Poster includes postings on:

  • MI New Minimum Wage (01/17) - *NEW
  • MI Fair Employment (3/17) - *NEW
  • MI Unemployment Insurance (2/16)
  • MI Employment Security Act - Unemployment Compensation (09/16)
  • MI OSHA (Revised 07/15- Released 09/15)
  • MI Right to Know MSDS Location (10/16)
  • MI Right to Know MSDS (Hazardous Materials) (08/15)
  • MI Worker's Compensation (10/16) Added
  • MI Worker's CompensationYour Rights and Responsibilities (10/16) Added
  • MI Discrimination (03/17) - *NEW
  • MI Whistleblowers' Protection Act (04/09)
  • Emergency Phone Number
  • Pay Day Notice 
  • (08/16) Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act - *NEW
  • (08/16) Federal Fair Labor Standards Act - *NEW
  • (04/16) Federal Family Medical Leave Act 
  • (11/09) Federal Equal Employment Opportunity - Includes GINA
  • (10/08) USERRA

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