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OSHA Safety Audit Checklists - Download

Safety Audit Checklists - Download - Updated for 2017!

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Safety Audit Checklists - Download

Now updated for 2017!

Safety Audit Checklists is a comprehensive reference manual of reproducible checklists and audits you can use to ensure your facility is both safe to work in and compliant with OSHA’s standards. It is updated annually to ensure all the information is current. Three brand new checklists and a new topic have been added to this 2017 update to reflect a new OSHA rule and enforcement emphasis programs.

Who is it for?

This ready-to-use set is ideal for professionals in human resources, environmental health and safety, risk management, operations management, and other supervisory roles. Organizations, local governments, and businesses in every industry can provide their employees with a proven tool for improving safety performance and ensuring compliance.

What’s inside?

The compendium covers 72 health and safety topics, and contains more than 100 checklists and audits. Each checklist is accompanied by a brief introduction that identifies the regulations that apply, their legal and management implications, and training tips for employees in your facility. Many are also accompanied by quizzes you can use for training - to test employees’ knowledge or to generate discussion, or to test your own understanding of a topic.

Topics include:

  • Temporary Worker Safety
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Confined Spaces Practices
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Equipment and Process Safety
  • Hazardous Substances and Materials
  • Health
  • Personnel Safety
  • Safety Administration
  • Transportation, and more!

Get your 2017 Edition today!

Safety Audit Checklists is updated annually, and the newest download version is now available!

Having the updated reference on hand will help you discover and resolve safety issues before they result in safety incidents or enforcement action. Order today and make your company safer for employees in 2017.

The newest version includes updates to: 

  • Eye and face protection: Updated ANSI standard and MSDS reference
  • PPE hazard assessment and training: Updated fall hazards
  • Good housekeeping and general maintenance practices: Regulation changes and updates
  • Ladder and scaffold safety: Regulation changes and updates
  • Preventing slips, trips, and falls: Regulation changes and updates

BLR’s Safety Audit Checklists also includes quizzes that can help you engage employees, generate discussion, and test your knowledge. Topics include:

  • Silica – NEW
  • Working Safely Outdoors – NEW 
  • Confined Spaces – NEW 
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Equipment and Process Safety
  • Hazardous Substances and Materials
  • Health, Personnel Safety, Safety Administration
  • Transportation, and more!

Discover and resolve safety issues before they result in injuries and lawsuits with the help of Safety Audit Checklists.

Order the print report here.