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TrainingToday Communicating Effectively at Work Library

OUT OF PRINT - TrainingToday Communicating Effectively at Work Library

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***DISCONTINUED August 23, 2017 per Sarah Scober*** TrainingToday features ready to use, web-based training sessions prepared by BLR’s award-winning legal editors and employment lawyers.

TrainingToday Communicating Effectively at Work Library

Web-Based Training Courses for Supervisors and Employees: Professionally Developed, Up to Date, Engaging, and Ready to Use!

TrainingToday® is a leading provider of online education programs for employees and supervisors. Each course in our extensive library addresses a specific topic with engaging and interactive presentations, delivering practical advice and clear instructions that trainees will remember long after the training is complete.

And with a built in LMS, TrainingToday does all the assignment, tracking, testing, and reporting for you. It’s your turnkey training solution.

The Sales Training Library consists of 12 courses--10 for employees and 2 for managers-- with everything you need to build a top-notch sales staff. It's perfect for beginner sales reps and also serves as a great refresher for experienced sales staff. Courses are interactive and engaging, with quizzes and exercises throughout. The appealing use of pictures serves to stimulate visual learners.

TrainingToday Communicating Effectively at Work Library Courses Include:


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TrainingToday Communicating Effectively at Work Library: Course Listing

Closing Sales Techniques

This course teaches your sales team how to define closing, recognize and respond effectively to buying signals, use trial closes successfully, choose the right closing technique for each sales interaction, make the most of customer interactions that don’t result in a sale, avoid common closing mistakes, and follow up effectively to preserve the sales relationship.

Consultative Sales Techniques

No one likes to be sold. And that defensiveness can discourage even the most seasoned sales professional. That’s where consultative sales comes in. This session explains how to shift from a traditional sales to a consultative sales approach. You’ll learn how to define consultative sales, recognize the differences between consultative and traditional sales techniques, use research to fill your pipeline, emotionally connect with your prospect, make cold calls more rewarding, craft effective sales presentations, and maintain a consultative sales relationship for the long haul.

Gaining Leads and Referrals

Make the best use of leads and referrals to build your customer base and make more sales. This course helps you and your team identify good sources of leads and referrals, take effective action to gain useful leads and referrals, evaluate leads and referrals astutely, and know when and how to contact referrals to increase sales.

Handling Objections

Improve the way you handle sales objections. This course helps users understand why customers object, recognize different types of objections, and handle objections successfully.

How to Hire Peak Performers

Learn the secrets of interviewing and hiring top salespeople. This course explains how to identify the types of salespeople you need, where to find them, and how to get them interested in selling for you. It includes guidance on how to conduct legal interviews, write job descriptions to focus your search, develop questions to identify peak performers, spot unspoken signs before and during interviews, and craft offers to bring the people you want into your organization.

Identifying Customer Needs: A Guide for Sales

Want to better identify customer needs? By the time the session is over, you’ll understand the difference between needs and wants and how each affects the sale. Plus, you’ll learn how to recognize different types of needs, identify key decisions customers make during the sales process, focus your presentation to gain information about customer needs and wants, ask the right questions to uncover needs and wants, and identify those that are hidden or unmet.

Motivating Your Sales Team to Excellence: A Guide for Supervisors

This session explains how to motivate your sales team to success. You’ll learn how to use performance appraisals and goals to motivate, choose the right pay structure, craft incentive programs, identify new ways to recognize your top performers, understand the importance of training, and motivate your staff through communication.

Qualifying Prospects

When you qualify prospects correctly, you close more sales and achieve ever higher sales goals. This session explains how to identify the information you need to know about prospects, prepare effectively for qualifying prospects, ask useful qualifying questions, listen effectively when qualifying prospects, understand the consequences of failing to qualify prospects properly and identify key issues in the qualifying process.

Setting Sales Goals

Effective sales goals can enhance the success of any salesperson. This course explains the purpose of sales goals and how to plan efficiently to achieve them. You and your team will learn how to set effective goals for sales calls, allocate resources efficiently to maximize goal achievement, and set challenging but appropriate goals to grow your sales career.

Telephone Sales Techniques: Cold Calling and Prospecting

Cold calling is one of the sales professional’s toughest tasks. This course helps you master the cold call, develop prospect interest in your product or service, cut to the chase to overcome objections, apply research results, use a script for cold calls, effectively modulate and articulate your voice to achieve better results, handle rejection that comes with cold calling, and follow up successfully.

Understanding Product Features and Benefits

Features and benefits… pretty easy, right? Well, there’s a lot adding sizzle to the steak. This course helps you understand the relationship between features and benefits, identify the differences between features and benefits, and understand how to sell effectively using F.A.B. sales technique.


Everyone has their comfort zone. More established products are easy to sell, and pitching new or unfamiliar products will take a sales professional out of that comfort zone. Yet after selling base products, new opportunities for profit exist at the next level. Established customers can serve as the perfect proving ground for new products and services. Who’s easier to reach, the new customer or the ones with which you’ve already cultivated a trusting relationship?

Don’t leave money on the table when you learn how to cross sell and upsell. This course explains the essentials of delivering incremental revenue, including how to recognize why upselling is important, get more value out of existing sales relationships, use incentives, identify upselling strategies, upsell effectively, and understand the risks of upselling.





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    "Today’s training was the first time we’ve used the BLR materials. The training course on LOTO was excellent. The BLR system is a game-changer for us."
    —Joe Cooney, Unilever Bestfoods North America

    "I have been doing training and HR for over 15 years and these are by far the best videos I have ever seen. They use real attorneys to explain the dos and don’ts, and the videos are very well done. I think the Ag-Power team is going to feel this is a huge improvement over the (. . .) safety videos we used for the last two years — and BLR’s TrainingToday is a lot less expensive."
    —Stephanie Mistler, PHR, Ag-Power, Inc